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How to insert character in a string at specific position with PHP

2 Answers

0 votes
function insert_char(&$s, $pos, $ch) { 
    $s = substr($s, 0, $pos) . $ch . substr($s, $pos);

$s = "PHPPythonJavaC#C++"; 

insert_char($s, 3, " ");
insert_char($s, 13, "W");
echo $s;


PHP PythonJavWaC#C++


answered Jan 16 by avibootz
0 votes
$s = "PHPPythonJavaC#C++"; 
$s = substr_replace($s, " ", 3, 0);
echo $s . "\n";

$s = substr_replace($s, "W", 11, 0);

echo $s;
PHP PythonJavaC#C++
PHP PythonJWavaC#C++


answered Oct 14 by avibootz