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How to find the length of longest common subsequence (LCS) present in two strings with VB.NET

1 Answer

0 votes
Public Class Program 
    Public Shared Function mymax(a As String, b As String) As Integer
        return If (a > b, a, b)
    End Function
    Public Shared Function lcs(s1 As String, s2 As String, lens1 As String, lens2 As String) As Integer
        If lens1 = 0 Or lens2 = 0 Then
            return 0
        End If
        If s1(lens1 - 1) = s2(lens2 - 1) Then
            return 1 + lcs(s1, s2, lens1 - 1, lens2 - 1)
            return mymax(lcs(s1, s2, lens1, lens2 - 1), lcs(s1, s2, lens1 - 1, lens2))
        End If
    End Function 
    Public Shared Sub Main()
        Dim s1 As String = "accyrb"
        Dim s2 As String = "cyxyazb"
        Console.WriteLine("Length of LCS is {0}", lcs(s1, s2, s1.Length, s2.Length)) 
    End Sub
End Class

' run:

' Length of LCS is 3


answered Jun 7 by avibootz